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Transformation Publications was established in 2005 to aid and enhance the growth and development of one’s inner being through poetry, wisdom, photographs, personal essays and fictional conversations with individuals who inspire creativity. Transformation Publications is the creative platform from which the websites listed below are produced and published.


Wise Poets  —  Poetry Man

I think of myself as a poet and lover of words. When nothing else can get me through the day, I am confident in opening a book of poems I will find words to ease my burden, lighten my heart and bring me to a place of peace with this life I live. I am the Poetry Man and these are the poems and poets I love.


The Writings Of Tao Writer  —  Tao Writer

“I Am Here!” This is more than a declaration. It is a revelation. I love being in this body, separate and part of something greater. The finite existence of this life is the true gift. I feel free – atop of the world.

At some juncture on my journey I chose a different route — to follow no man but myself and to have no god but life. I am here to live each day, to grow in wisdom, and to expand in my ability to love. I read, I write, I think, and I dream. I howl at full moons and laugh at myself often. I am Tao Writer.


For The Love Of Wisdom  —  Socrates Black

As a freshman at Rugters University on the banks of the Old Raritan River during the mid-sixties and the only Black student in a small philosophy department, I received the moniker Socrates Black from my colleagues. I am a philosopher by education and discipline, and a poet at heart. I have been collecting bits of wisdom in the form of words and poems for almost fifty years. These words have come from writers, poets, politicians, the every day man and woman, the famous and the infamous. I am Socrates Black, the Wisdom Archivist.


The Poetry Of Clouds  —  Nubladodia

I have always loved clouds in all their variations. The dark clouds of storms, the puffy white thunderheads of changes to come, the strata, the cumulus, the nimbus, the female and the male. I love the poetry of clouds. Clouds and poetry have the same source of inspiration. My name is Nublado Dia, the Poetess of Clouds.

Note: All photographs on this site were taken by me and are not retouched in any manner.

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